2000 words

How long does it take me to write that much? Lemme see…

Well, if it is about my trips and wacky observations on, say, the etiquettes for using squat toilets in China, or the lovely way Americans say “my caw” to refer to their vehicle, or the (in)appropriateness of low-waist jeans and exposed bum-cracks on long haul flights (or anywhere else, for that matter), then I’d say about 2 hours.

It if is about corporate environmental responsibility for a dry-as-bark subject that I somehow stupidly got myself into, then probably… maybe… um… 5 years? 10 years? Forever?

See? I wrote these 109 words in less than 5 minutes. If only I could be as effective with academic writing. *sighs*

~Tune of the day: “Ain’t Got No… I Got Life” ~ Nina Simone~


Mum says, dancing is good for you!

I know I’m a little slow to this, but just saw this one on Mamamia and thought I should share:

And the best thing about the clip? Is that their dancing isn’t all that good, but did they care? Oh no sir, heck NO!

Now to me, that’s the attitude worth promoting.

~dance, like nobody’s watching~

Proof that I’m no longer a teenager.

I watched Twilight last night. Yeah, finally! I’m always a little slow to this kind of things. Ok, not a little slow. VERY slow.

Anyhow, it’s interesting to see how the undead were glorified to the max and the teen market was stirred, shaken, overwhelmed. Which followed by Zac Effron getting knocked off the teenage heart-throb throne and a new wave of ROBsession began. (Of course, being an almost-thirty-something, I didn’t know any of this, m’ filled me in.) Me, I was amused at how different the Twilight vampires are, compared to Bram Stoker’s gruesome and horrifying creatures – who were supposed to have fangs like wolves, live in coffins, and smell like rotten flesh. None of this six-packed, spiky-haired, Debussy-playing mumbo jumbo. Also, how come they’re all extremely good looking in the movie? Even the “bad” ones. Ah yes, i forgot, it is Hollywood after all. You gotta be easy on the eye, bloodthirsty or otherwise.

 Having said that, I did like it, the cinematography is amazing! Makes me want to go back to Seattle again and check out the mountains in summer. And the plot, well, the way I picture it is: Edward and Bella are like me and a chunk of butter. A huge chunk of butter. In the shape of Matt Damon. I can touch it and smell it and hold it and do things to it. (Hey, get your mind out of the gutter!) Maybe even lick it a little. But I’m not allowed to eat it? Not even ONE bite? And there it is just keep dancing in front of me, naked? Pah, forget it! I mean, hello? I’d love it more if it would kindly make its way into my tummy. Thank you very much.

 A friend lent me the book but I’m too lazy to start on it. Too long. I’d watch the sequel to the movie though.


Cultural Calendar & The Bar at Buena Vista

I thought I’d better keep track of the shows and gigs that we’ve been and are going to. Not to brag. Okay, not just to brag, but to have a record for myself. You know, so half a century later when I’m old and senile, when accessing the WWW from your laptop is something to be documented in a museum, when my grandkids have in-built chips in their heads to access the Net anytime, anywhere, especially when they’re away on Jupiter on a business trip. Then, then I can sit down and go through this old blog and go “Ah… the olden days. Fifty years ago on this day we went to see a Japanese Drumming show and I sulked at A. for claiming to know the way there and refusing to consult the MelWay, when clearly he didn’t. What’s it about men & maps? Pah! He still does that. Just the other day we were on the way to Mercury to play bridge for the weekend, and because he chose to drive a manual spaceship, I had to sit on the passenger seat, watching him steering us all the way to Neptune AND back, completely ignored my SolarWay shouting out directions!” You know, things like that.

Most of the time I have the best intention to write about the event afterwards.   But being a self-proclaimed Procrastinator (with a capital P), I never seem to get around to it. Wicked the musical, Cirque du Soleil’s Dralion, the French Film Festival, etc. etc. never got mentioned except for a short blurb on facebook alerting my friends to buy tix and go see them too.

So I’m thinking, for my own sake, maybe I’ll just jot down some brief info and include some links. And later when I have more time (which is likely to be NEVER), I can sit down and yap about them in detail.

Anyhow. For a starter. Tonight we’re seeing this (thanks to m’ for organising):


The Bar at Buena Vista – The Legendary Grandfathers of Cuban Music

The Bar at Buena Vista pays homage to the Buena Vista neighbourhood – the famous quarter of Havana and Cuba’s music legends, such as the late Compay Segundo and Ruben Gonzalez.  It is a dedication to the original spirit of the music of Cuba, the lifeblood of a people whose heritage is as rich as it is old. A cast of Cuba’s most notable and legendary musical greats, drawn from the most renowned music quarter in the World, Barrio Buena Vista.

The Bar at Buena Vista brings us a cocktail of Cuban music and dance, in the tradition of The Buena Vista Social Club, The Afro Cuban All-Stars and Vieja Trova Santiagera.

When & Where: 8pm Friday 1 May 09, @ Hamer Hall, Arts Centre

Who: m’, A., me

Extra reading material (!): Buena Vista Social Club

Aren’t they good? I’d better get ready to break into a ( very uncoordinated) tango in the aisle next to our seats.


Unwavering love

Despite all my best efforts, I can’t take my mind away from the devastating bushfires that are still raging in places around Victoria. The atmosphere’s been thick with smoke for the last two days. Even the harsh Aussie summer sun can’t seem to get through, and only manages to cast a muted, hazy, orangy light over everything. Yesterday evening I could look directly at it without my sunnies!

The moon last night was RED. A dark blood red that was chillingly creepy to watch. I took a photo but it didn’t turn out too well. I wonder if even the air in our inner suburbs is smoky enough to make me cough all day and develop a headache, how absolutely horrifying must it be at the affected areas, a mere hour drive from us? 😦

The pain goes on…


To take our mind away from it all for a sec, I’ve got this clip for you. (Thanks to a lady on our Beading Forum who lives in England.)

I particularly love the Viennese Waltz bit. So cute! And the twist too. If I’d been there, you betcha I’d have totally thrown in some wacky moves of my own too! Because if I’m allowed to have one eternal, unwavering love, it is for dance and music. They never fail me. Rain, hail or shine. They don’t play games, don’t have rules, never look down on me. Whatever I give them, I get back a thousand fold more. That explains why I personally don’t find going dancing 5 nights a week is exessive.* Ah non! As long as your body can still take it, I say, SHAKE IT!

And since we’re in the mood for it, here’s another one I posted last year on my old blog. Still amuses me to no ends!

(Sit still, it only happens past the 40 second mark.)


* Also explains the case of A. 😉 and our penchant for public display of, er, not affection, but spontaneous (and no doubt uncoordinated) dance routines. But sshhh… beans not ready to be spilled just yet.

Naaat Fuuunnieee!!!

I’m screaming that line the way this little dude did:

Isn’t he just adorable? m’ and I have watched that clip some, oh, I don’t know, maybe 10475 times? We especially love the last bit when he completely LOST IT! So cute.

And nope, I don’t find it at all amusing that I still have to wear stockings during the day in November. NOVEMBER! (Or Movember, as it’s now popularly called.) Just now I stood next to a closed door and the draught that gets through underneath it made my teeth clatter. Holy Fettuccini! Isn’t it supposed to be officially summer in less than two weeks time? Or did I somehow miss the memo from The Guy Upstairs saying that we’d skip summer this year and go straight back to autumn? Gah!

me-silver-movemberAnyhow, this is me supporting Movember, a month dedicated to raising awareness on men’s health, and funding, of course, for research and treatment and stuff. Because we girls are so sick of seeing guys not giving a toss about their health, thinking that they’re invincible, that their health is some eternal spring that is always going to be there for them. Oh I know a few like that alright, my Dad is one prime example! Ugh.

So, you think the handlebar is totally looking good on me no?


Randomly random randomness

The title says it all. There’s nothing exciting to write about. Sometimes my life feels like such a bore. No, that’s not true. Not sometimes. ALL THE TIME. It’s all as dull as dishwater. So vanilla. So beige. So B. O. R. to the I. N. G! B. O. R. to the I. N. G! Woo!

See? Even a stupid cheerleading song couldn’t spice it up. *sigh*

Anyway, yesterday the cutest customer came to visit. A two-year-old darling who’s called In-ta, only speaks Korean and often looks at me with bewildered eyes. She’s so cute I had serious thoughts of stealing her and reimbursing her Mum with my whole storeful of beads! Do you think that’s a fair deal? They’ve been here a few times now so In-ta’s overcome her shyness and doesn’t cling to her Mum any more, but would run around the shop touching things. She loves climbing out of her stroller, puts her teddy bear in the seat and does up all the safety straps. So the bear doesn’t fall off and hurt his bum, see? Yesterday Mr. Bear stayed at home and accompanying her was a PINK toy baseball, so the ball received the same treatment – sitting in the stroller with seatbelts and all!

At one stage In-ta pointed at some sparkling crystals and for a good 2 minutes, proceeded to tell me a very long animated story that I did not understand a word. Then I sat on the floor and said “Come here” and she ran really fast towards me and gave me the SWEETEST HUG around my neck. And I just melted! PP-SSHHH, right there and then, into a mushy heap on the floor. And then, AND THEN, she did a poo-poo! 🙂 Which, needless to say, stank the whole place and made her Mum’s face go all red. And they had to hurry home because Mum’d forgotten to bring a spare nappy. But I didn’t mind it one bit. (Although obviously, the shop had to be aired for a good 15 minutes afterwards.) That‘s how adorable she is!

Anyhoo. Right now I’ve got “Wild horses” on repeat again. Not the original Rolling Stones version though, but the soulful duet by Alicia Keys and Adam Levine. Yup, I realised that I have to rave about this song on a regular basis. Sorry, can’t help it. I don’t know what exactly it is, that makes me so addicted to it. The music, the lyrics, their voices. Everything! Dear Ms. Keys and Mr. Levine, why don’t you two just shove down my throat and rip off my heart and trample on it with soccer shoes? Why not? Just go ahead!

Here’s the clip:

She at the piano and he with the guitar! You know what, Alicia & Adam, here’s my heart in the mail, Registered International service with Australia Post. All you need is to get your mate Beckham to send over a few pairs of his shoes, then please just go ahead and GET ME OUT OF MY MISERY! Please!

~“I know I dreamed you, a sin and a lie…”~