Shameless self-promotion

I currently am

– knee-deep in a jaw-droppingly gorgeous stash of hand-sculpted lampwork glass beads from Czech, after many miles travelled, many months waited and many, many, MANY dollars spent. Am mushily in love! A very expensive love at that, though;

– going to be one of two main judges on a popular beading challange, one that I’ve participated in a few times in the past;

– asked to write loads of jewellery tutorials for Australian Beading Magazine in their upcoming October and December issues;

– invited to feature in an Artist Profile in said magazine, which includes *gasp* publishing my photos and bio info. Gosh! My mug in a mag! Not sure whether to be stoked or scared, so am being both.

Anyhoo, all boring work-related boast but can hardly contain myself at the mo. Now to get off my derrière and get those projects done before deadline, then dive head-first into abovementioned lampwork beauties.


~nimble fingers~


Blatant self promotion

Have been too lazy taking photos of the things I made lately, not that I’ve got any time to make many. But here’s what happened when I got a lightning moment of motivation. P-zzztt!

You likey?


m’ said to name it “Caged” but I reckon that’s a little depressing. So until I come up with something better, it’s called “Red Little Suns”. So imaginative. (not!)