Shameless self-promotion

I currently am

– knee-deep in a jaw-droppingly gorgeous stash of hand-sculpted lampwork glass beads from Czech, after many miles travelled, many months waited and many, many, MANY dollars spent. Am mushily in love! A very expensive love at that, though;

– going to be one of two main judges on a popular beading challange, one that I’ve participated in a few times in the past;

– asked to write loads of jewellery tutorials for Australian Beading Magazine in their upcoming October and December issues;

– invited to feature in an Artist Profile in said magazine, which includes *gasp* publishing my photos and bio info. Gosh! My mug in a mag! Not sure whether to be stoked or scared, so am being both.

Anyhoo, all boring work-related boast but can hardly contain myself at the mo. Now to get off my derrière and get those projects done before deadline, then dive head-first into abovementioned lampwork beauties.


~nimble fingers~


Another thank-you note

I love Leah’s idea at THX THX THX so much, here’s me at it again.

Dear Mondays,

Thank you so much for being my Sundays, when I have some time for myself; but also can run errands if need be, because the bank and all other services are open. Thanks for also allowing me to pretend to be a hard-working person when I choose to go to the office, while in actuality I’m just AT work, but spent all day talking on the phone to friends and updating photos on Facebook, because you’re my Sundays after all.

Here’s to many more of you to come.



Phone & Diary

Left my phone & diary at home for the second time this week. No one calls on the phone much any more. (The appropriate comment here is: No life!) So am more worried about not having the diary nearby, feeling a little lost without knowing or remembering what’s been planned for the day and the week and the month ahead. Does that mean I’m stressed? A workaholic? A control freak? Losing my memory (at the ripe old age of thirty)? All of the above? Especially the old age bit? Ack!

But then to me, it also means that I love my work. “Huh? How did she get there?” Well, look at it this way, my tasks are never the same. And I’m totally enjoying the variety. Possessing a boredom threshhold of a 3-year-old, I’d be driven to strangle myself in a 9 to 5 job, or 8 to 6 as I used to have to do. Maybe one day I’ll get sick of this whole yo-yo work load – one minute I’m madly buzzing around like a fly trapped under a glass, the next I’d be sitting here zoning out, dozing off, trying to lick nose with tongue or seing if I can wave my ears. But for now, it works the best.

Until someone stupid, I won’t tell you who, forgot her diary at home. Ugh!