New soapboxes


This page will no longer be updated.

Check out my new Vietnamese Blog here, and English Blog here. See you there, and there!


Despite Melbourne’s property prices rocketing faster than Apollo shuttles, online doain names seem to be at their cheapest. So in I jumped and got myself a nice little block of “land” with dual occupancy potential, then sub-divided it and whacked on two townhouses. No council permit necessary. “home package” turned out to be quite easy to build, especially after lots of work with Zen Cart which trained me for this whole open-source shenanigan. Customising is fun but I do miss the community feel of, which is like a body corporate, where certain functions are given but others are restricted. Ah well, time to move out of the nanny flat and find my own space, I reckon.

So well, here we are, my spanking new soapboxes – one for my first language and one for the second. One given, one acquired, both loved equally. Not to be a separatist but I think this way I’ll have more incentive to write, especially in Vietnamese because I’m a little ashamed I don’t write and read it as much, living in Australia and having an English speaking other half and all. And from that, hopefully my translation dream will begin to materialise. One should always hope, hey?

So folks, update your address book / bookmark bar please ;). And come visit me! I’ve got a new couch, a massive chocolate cupboard, and lots of spare bedrooms.



2000 words

How long does it take me to write that much? Lemme see…

Well, if it is about my trips and wacky observations on, say, the etiquettes for using squat toilets in China, or the lovely way Americans say “my caw” to refer to their vehicle, or the (in)appropriateness of low-waist jeans and exposed bum-cracks on long haul flights (or anywhere else, for that matter), then I’d say about 2 hours.

It if is about corporate environmental responsibility for a dry-as-bark subject that I somehow stupidly got myself into, then probably… maybe… um… 5 years? 10 years? Forever?

See? I wrote these 109 words in less than 5 minutes. If only I could be as effective with academic writing. *sighs*

~Tune of the day: “Ain’t Got No… I Got Life” ~ Nina Simone~

New year, new blog. (And my amazing ability to ramble.)


New blog

So that there’ll be no confusion in the future. In this blog I’ll write about things that happen around me, matter to me, amaze me, disgust me, motivate me, depress me, draw me in, gross me out, love me, hate me, etc. etc. So yes, you get the drift, it’s all about… *does wild circle motion with hand then jabs thumb at chest*… ME!

Sounds selfish? Hell yeah. But isn’t that what blogs are? You elbow yourself in, claim a little spot on the www, folk out a few bucks to make yourself a virtual address (I wanted so bad, but dammit they said it was too long!) You then decorate this virtual housing with things like 2 stone frogs & 3 stuffed crocodiles & 4 real kangaroos from the back yard. To make it all homey & cosy, see. Continue reading